This page will be used to keep you up to date about the current and new animals arriving at the sanctuary. plus how your donations will be used.

I am currently raising funds to buy a field shelter/ark. this will be used to provide shelter for the goats when they graze outside in the field. current cost for an shelter/ark measuring 8 feet wide by 13 feet long is 528.

We currently have 69 goats and 7 horses in our care, we have recently taken in 3 Shetland ponies whose owner was no longer able to care for them. It looks as though in the next few months one of them will produce a foal, the picture shows Button who is pregnant.

As the winter has been long and wet and goats are not able to tolerate living outside, we have been very busy feeding and keeping the goats beds clean. Goat's feet have to be trimmed every four weeks and their feet suffer if the ground is wet and muddy. This has resulted in higher expenditure; we rely totally on the public to support our work. You can sponsor an animal for as little as 3.00 per month. Twenty five per cent of our income during the last accounting year was spent on veterinary care.

Our main source of income is obtained by selling bric a brac which has been donated by the public and is sold at car boots plus sponsorship and donations. Bric a brac is always needed and can be collected. We also need new committee members to enable us to continue with our charity status and volunteers to help with fund raising, especially helping out at car boots selling bric a brac .Our AGM is being held on 26/04/2013, for more information please contact Jill Rollo tel no:01885 483724 or visit: www.goatsgalore.co.uk

We also need new committee members to enable us to continue with our charity status and volunteers to help with fund raising, especially helping out at car boots selling bric a brac .Our AGM is being held on 26/04/2013

Report from our AGM 2012

Currently we are only taking in animals if the owner is willing to sponsor it. We have recently experienced people who have promised to sponsor their animals and then defaulted. In the last two accounting years we have refused to take in approximately 100 animals.

But the good news...we have found homes for these animals by keeping contact details of people looking to take in an animal. We need to try and get more volunteers to help raise funds. We have people offering help but it never materialises into anything. I will be asking Eddie who maintains our Web site and I will write an article in Off the Record to try and recruit offers of help. I have to say a big thank you to my husband Jack Rollo who continues to be the main carer of animals and maintenance man for Goatsgalore.

The animals don't realise how lucky they are to have someone so dedicated to care for them. Thank you to all of the committee members for maintaining Goatsgalore charity status. 100% of all money raised is spent on the animals in our care.

If you know anyone who would be willing to become a committee member or be able to provide help fund raising, especially attending car boots this would be most appreciated.



    Here we are. We've a new Web site and a new Web address.



    The summer has been wet and warm and this has resulted in some of the goats becoming lame. So I have been busy trimming feet and injecting a few goats and one sheep with antibiotics to help them recover. The bacteria in the soil, which can get into their feet love warm wet weather. I have also devised a foot bath to help prevent any further infections. We seem to be asked to take in more goats than rehome. Many of the goats we have come to us have horns and as the goat gets older the horns grow and they can become a hazard. Goats with horns and small children for safety reasons should not be recommended unless supervised at all times.



    Rocky's Tale

    Two months have past by since I last reported about the goings on at GoatsGalore Animal Sanctuary in our local community magazine called "Off The Record". Six new goats have arrived, two nannies and four kids bring the total number of goats to 55.

    We have also been busy attending weekly Car Boots, as this is the sanctuaries main source of income. It still amazes me what I think isn't saleable and what people will buy. I take everything that has been donated and let the public decide what they want to buy.

    I am pleased to announce that the old horse Rosie is 40 years young, she still keeps going, even with the lose of a few teeth. I hope she will be able to get through another winter.

    The new goats have been with us for three weeks and have now intergrated well within the herd. The four new kids had previously been bottle fed and are very tame and easy to handle. When they first arrived they were kept isolated for a week from the rest of the herd and then they were placed in a paddock next to the other goats, until they were accepted. This avoids the fighting and bullying that otherwise would occur, if they were placed immediately with the herd. Even with such a large number of goats the family members always remain together, even when the goats get older they seem to bond for life.


    Winter has passed and as the animals are spending more time outdoors, I have found the time to update the diary page and the rest of the website. The sanctuary has joined a webshop called www.buy.at/goatsgalore. 80 retailers are involved and they pay commission on everything you buy-but only if you do it through the webshop. I hope this will generate funds as the sanctuary relys totally on public money and all of the money raised is spent on caring for the animals.

    The home page welcomes three new arrivals with royal connections. Sophie, William and Harry who are pygmy goats, bring the total number of goats to 47. Mother and her two sons are settling in well and due to their small size and speed can prove difficult to catch when their feet need trimming.

    Due to the wet weather goat's feet are not able to tolerate the muddy conditions under foot, so during the winter months they have to spend more time indoors eating hay, which results in the running costs during the winter months being the most expensive.

New Arrivals April 2005

    Two nannies and their kids came to us, as their owner was unable to sell them. The keeping of goats has become less popular due to every new owner and existing owner having to register with DEFRA and obtain a Holding number and Herd/Flock number. Each animal has to be properly identified with an appropriate ear tag, before they are able to leave the holding and then to enable the goats to move to the sanctuary a Movement Licence has to be completed to enable the Local Authority to identify and trace the movement of each animal. I have to keep a record of all medicines administered to the goats and two sheep and document it in an offical Medicine Book, making these records available to the Local Authority as and when required. Due to the increasing administration involved the keeping of goats has become less popular.

Leominster Classic Motor Cycle Club.

    Rocky the goat and his friends were delighted to welcome a visit from Leominster Classic Motor Cycle Club, who had arranged a sponsored ride in aid of GoatsGalore Animal Sanctuary on Sunday 24th October 2004. When they arrived I gave a talk about the history of setting up the sanctuary and the reasons behind why some of the animals come into my care.

    Bambi the goat who appears in the picture provided a demonstration on how easily he can escape from his stable, by jumping over the stable door to the amusement of the onlookers.

    A total of 120 was raised plus bric a brac and I would like to thank the club for their generosity and support.



    Summer has passed by and the cold wet weather has started to appear. We have had a busy few months getting up very early on Sunday mornings to attend bar boots in aid of the sanctuary. This has become our main source of funding, but I have found that now we are a registered charity the public are more willing to put money into the collection boxes. Our last car boot which we attended on 05/09/04, raised 41.70 in sales and 15.13 was placed in the collection box.

    The local Bromyard community magazine called "Off The Record" visited the sanctuary and is sponsoring Rocky the first goat to come to the sanctuary. To try and generate local interest the editor has asked me to write a monthly article about the various animals that are currently residing at the sanctuary.

    I am having two weeks holiday from work from 20/09/04 and guess what? I shall be spending it trimming 40 goats feet!! I am also getting organised for the coming winter and we have recently had 200 bales of hay delivered in preparation for the colder months ahead.

    The number of cockerels that are at the sanctuary have increased to eight, because they have lots of space to roam around we haven't had any problems with fighting as they are able to keep out of trouble.

    On 24th October 2004 The Leominster Vintage Motorcycle Club are visiting the sanctuary and they have planned a sponsored ride and will donate any money raised to several local charities, including GoatsGalore.

    We are hoping that there will be press coverage to promote the charities involved and to say thank you to the Motor Cycle Club.


    As promised better late than never I am updating the website and I am pleased to inform you that the charity is now registered.

    Though the process has taken time as I currently work fulltime to enable me to support the sanctuary plus the donations we receive, it was worth taking the time to get every thing right. I am in the process of distributing our first 10 collection boxes to shop keepers in Bromyard and we have attended 4 Car Boots, which has raised a total of 177.00.

    As a registered charity we have to offer re homing, so this will be done on an on loan basis, so if for any reason the animal can no longer be cared for it can be returned, this in turn will offer the animal a home wherever it is "for life".

    Herefordshire Life Magazine May 2004 published a four page coloured well written article about GoatsGalore and if anyone would like a copy of the article I would be happy to send one to you.

    We currently have 40 goats in our care and for the time being this will be the maximum number. Thank you for taking the time to read the diary, constructive feedback and any fund raising ideas would be most helpful.


    I thought it would be a good idea to start keeping a diary of events to enable me to inform you of what has happened up to December 2003 and the plans for 2004. The last two months of 2003 has been very positive for the sanctuary and GoatsGalore has appeared in five local newspapers, including the Hereford Times dated 13/11/03. The article about GoatsGalore can be found on the www by accessing the Hereford Times website and visiting the archives under Bromyard News. I have also kept copies of all of the stories as a source of reference and if anyone would like a copy of the stories, I would be very happy to send them to you.

    On 26/12/03 the sanctuary took in three more kid goats, which were destined for the abattoir they are Angora cross Anglo Nubian and look like miniature llamas (pictures to follow shortly), though they only arrived one day ago they have settled in well and are only interested in eating!!! During 2003 the goats have increased in number from 22 to 34 and I have agreed to take in one more pygmy goat who's brother died and is in need of finding his own kind to keep him company.

    The plan is by early 2004 to register the charity and by doing this I hope more doors will open enabling the charity to apply for funding, at it is much harder to obtain funding for an animal charity than if it was a community based project. It is my intention to get the general public more actively involved by organising open days and inviting existing and potential sponsors to visit GoatsGalore. I hope that in the future I will be able to expand the facilities to enable the sanctuary to provide a home for more animals in need. Goats have become less popular pets to keep due to the regulations imposed by DEFRA and the need to keep movement and medical records up to date, this has created extra paperwork, putting off potential and existing keepers of goats.

    An article recently appeared in the Malvern Gazette featuring GoatsGalore asking readers to sponsor a goat for 5, this has proved highly successful and I have sent each sponsor a photograph of their goat and a brief case history. It is my intention to continue updating the diary and I hope by the next time I write GoatsGalore will have become a registered charity.

    Thank you to all of those people who have sent donations or have sponsored a kid/goat and to those who have given donations in the past and continue to give on a regular basis, especially to Lucy and Paul.

    Happy New Year to you all.

    Jill Rollo