Remember GoatsGalore in Your Will

As a registered charity it's easy to leave something in your will to GoatsGalore and we'll soon be posting details of how you can do just that in a straightforward way.

To put you in the giving mood, here are some sums you might leave and what they will mean to GoatsGalore

  • 100 in your will would vaccinate the whole herd of goats.
  • 500 would buy a new feed shed.
  • 1000 would pay our veterinary bills for the year.

Although we've suggested some sums, you don't have to give that amount to make a difference. Leaving 50 in your will for GoatsGalore will feed a goat for a year.

Further Information

Please telephone or e-mail if you require any further information.
Tel:01885 483724
E mail: jrollo@goatsgalore.org.uk

Reg Charity No. 1104566

You can find full details of our charitable status on the Charity Commission Web site.

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